Frequently asked questions

Can you ship plants within Canada?

Yes, We can ship plants across Canada.

Can you ship plants during winter?

Yes, We can ship it but it is Buyer's risk. However, We do have Insulated Box with heatpacks to reduce the risk of the plants dying during shipping. Also some plant are more sentive to the weather change than the others. We advice to research about the plant you're buying before purchasing it.

Why rare plants are so expensive?

There can be many factors why a plant is expensive. First reason is the rarity of the plants. Some of these rare plants are "almost" extinct in the wild. Some plants are very slow growers and might take several months to a year to grow just one leaf. The demand also plays a big factor to it when there's only few supply. These plants come from different parts of the world and shipping it here would cost a lot, plus all the inspection and certification fees involve with it. Also some of these plant are so sensitive to wheather change and might die durring shipping therefore we are taking the risk so you dont have to.

I have emailed you and you have yet to respond!

We receive high volumes of emails and questions on a daily basis. If we dont respond please send another email or call us. We will try to respond as soon as we can.

What if my plant arrived damaged or dead?

If your plant has been damaged or died during transit, please contact us immidiately so we can figure out a solution together.

How long do you acclimate your plants before selling?

It varies from plant to plant. Some plant might take two weeks some might take 3 month or longer. We try to make sure that our plants are acclimated before we sell.

Why my plant is not growing?

Some plants are slow growers and some are fast. Also proper environment of the plant play a big factor of plant growth.